Whatever you are experiencing, whether you are too uncertain, too filled with sadness, too anxious, too available, too stuck in your past...we will work together to shift the dynamic. It isn't always easy to sit in front of someone and share personal things. I am here to listen, respect where you are and also push gently when necessary.

I enjoy being a safe space for exploration that is fostered by the therapeutic relationship.

Working with you to look at things from a variety of angles, building insight and improving coping, can help to foster a more balanced approach that can make life not only easier, but enjoyable.

Services I Provide

Group Therapy


Individual Therapy & Counseling



Marriage, Couples, or Relationship Counseling


"Therapy with Chrys has been invaluable to me and my well-being. Her insights never cease to amaze me.  She validated my feelings but didn't let me stay stuck in them.  I feel like my self-worth improved and also my ability to let things go. plus, we always ended up laughing at some point.... therapy is work - but I never missed a session" -Kenny E.

"Having worked with Chrys first hand I’ve been amazed and inspired by her ability to tune into others intricate emotions like a professional musician tunes to a note. Her modality and understanding of the human experience brings a breath of fresh air and realness to her practice that is felt. I highly recommend her as a therapist to anyone looking for a professional to assist in navigating through tough emotional and or mental space." -K. McNeil

"Chrys is an exceptionally talented therapist.  I am impressed with her ability to connect with clients and quickly achieve positive results. She is very skilled in the diagnosis & treatment of a wide range of conditions. She excels in the ability to tailor therapeutic approaches to meet her client's unique needs. In addition, she is very adept at creating environments that foster optimal expression & growth. I highly recommend her without reservation." -Dr Cynthia Folsome